• Architectural Drawings – Including floorplans, reflected ceiling plans, 3D CAD, and custom casework/furniture.


  • 3D Renderings – A virtual look into a proposed design.


  •  Commercial/Residential Furniture – Stemple Interiors has access to hundreds of brands, both commercial and residential, complete with delivery and installation services.


  • Material Selection and Specifications – Collaborating with the best manufacturers to provide both performance and style that meets each project’s particular needs.


  • Personalized Artwork Compilations in various medium – Print, Acrylic, Canvas, Metal, Sculpture, etc. Whatever you can dream up, we can make happen!


  • Commercial/Residential Custom Window Treatments – We can meet a variety of window shading needs: Solar powered, hard wired, remote controlled, wooden blinds, woven blinds, roman shades, etc… We can also provide custom fabric selections for desired aesthetic and transparency needs.


  • Interior Wayfinding and Signage – Incorporating branding and aesthetics through wayfinding solutions in a space. In addition to signage, we can address wayfinding through a number of different avenues, including but not limited to: floor covering, lighting design, color blocking, and furniture anchoring.


  • Lighting Selection – Lighting is one of the most important aspects of a design for a number of reasons. Stemple Interiors takes this into account by addressing recommended lighting levels for each occupancy use, providing foot candle calculations to assess the overall quality of light in a space, enhancing style by honing in on a client’s design vision with unique lighting choices, and selecting various color temperatures to meet the functional needs of each space.


  • Preliminary Consultation/ Concept Development – We always like to recommend a preliminary consultation to owners, developers, contractors, etc. who may be unsure of a plan of design for moving forward. Here, we can address any concerns, needs of the project, time constraints, and an overall design concept. From there, we can create a plan of action, discuss cost, client needs, and anticipated time frame needed for project completion.



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